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Hair Routine...

Hi, so I haven't posted in a while I'm sorry, soo much Uni work to do! (I'm supposed to be doing it now but shh don't tell anyone)
So the other night I went and got ready for a night out, it was only when I was sat with rollers in when I noticed the amount of products I use and how I actually have a routine for my hair even if I'm not going out, so I thought I would share with you my hair routine.
Ive never looked after my hair amazingly well and I always have split ends, I think that's mostly from having long hair. But lately Ive been trying really hard and hopefully its getting nice and healthy slowly but surely, and I'm happily noticing some difference.
If there is any products I mention that you would like me to review properly, just leave a comment and I am more then happy to do that!
Lets get started...

Shower time...

The first product I use is Big from Lush, I do have a review of this and you can read that here. I love this product as a shampoo and it keeps my hair more fresh.

I next use any regular shampoo. At the moment I am using a Morrison's own product. I normally use TRESemme, however this was all I could afford at the time. I don't go too cheap as this is my hair I'm taking care of, so I use the Fruits shampoo glorious colour for coloured hair. I cant remember how much it was but I am quite impressed by the shampoo and conditioner and it smells like summer berries and pink orchid, so that's a plus! I am running out so who knows what I will be using next for shampoo and conditioner.

Next I use Lee Stafford hair treatment for hair that never grows past that certain length. Now it seems silly using this as I already have long hair but who wouldn't want it even longer? I have noticed my roots coming in quicker and stronger lately so I know it's working to some extent. But for treatment for hair it is so good. I noticed when I didn't use it for a week when I went home my hair was really  dry without it, this product makes its soft and healthier!
I leave this in my hair for 5 minutes while I do something else in the shower then I rinse it off and use the Morrison's fruit conditioner to finish. :)
When I come out the shower I put a towel round my head and leave it in for a while so it gets half dry naturally so I don't have to use more heat when I blow dry my hair. When I finally remove the towel I squeeze my hair instead of rubbing because then it will just become frizzy.
While my hair is still damp I like to use 4 products before drying my hair.
Now a lot of my product are TRESemme as I got them from Christmas and it is my mums favourite brand so i don't get much choice. I do like them all though!
The first is the Split Remedy lotion. I only use little squirts of this and massage them into the ends of my hair. I don't even know if this is working but with the amount of split ends I have I feel safer using it.
Second is the Volume and Lift Moose. This is used mostly into the roots of my hair but I found if I put it into the middle section of my hair as well it gives it that extra boost. I do love this product but if I use to much my hair will go hard and crispy almost like when you put too much hairspray on, so that can be annoying, but I do like it when I use the right amount.
The third is the Heat Defence, I use this before I dry my hair and a different heat defence when I curl my hair. I'm not sure why, I just find it works better that way. This feels much nicer for when I blow dry my hair.
Last but not least is the 24 hour body blow dry lotion. I'm not sure why its called lotion as it is just a spray but this product is specifically designed for when you blow dry your hair to give hair that extra boost and body. I love this product!!
So that is everything I use before blow drying, as I said there are all TRESemme but that's just what I have been given but I don't mind as I do like using them all. 
I have the straighten as you dry hair dryer from Babyliss. I don't normally use the straighten selection any more because of a personal reason of wanting curly hair and more body, but using the straightening bit for the hair does work very well and drys hair much faster than normal so sometimes that can be good for when I am in a rush and normally it takes a while to dry with having long hair.
If I have time and especially if I am going on a night out I will put my rollers in for a couple of hours. These rollers are from Primark and they are actually very good. I bet there are better ones out there but for 16 in total for £3.50 I am not complaining with the results I get. My hair always gets even softer and more bouncy and it even gives it a slight curl. I don't always use these but I do like to wear them a couple of hours before I go out as it does make my hair much nicer and I love them.

I use two hairsprays for my hair. TRESemme extra hold and intu style.
I love both of these and I normally use both of them together. TRESemme mostly for my roots and intu style for my curls!
Because this post is getting very long and well done if your still with me, I will end it here. I do use heat defence and curl my hair with a babyliss curling wand a lot but sometimes it's nice to let my hair to be heat free for a bit and dry naturally :) I also back comb my hair a lot, but I'm trying to gradually stop as this is ruining my hair. But one step at a time I think!
Thanks for reading if you got this far. Let me know if you use any of these products and again let me know if you want any Reviews on anything I have mentioned as I have only tried to quickly graze past most of them so I'm happy to review stuff just let me know!
Louisa xx

Disclaimer: All my thoughts and opinions are my own on all of these products and it is not a sponsored post!!

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