Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review: Big by Lush

Hi, I haven't blogged in while, been super busy with Uni, but good news I am on half term and home for the week so I should hopefully have lots of new posts coming up.
This is my review of Big from Lush. I got this as a gift from my friend on my birthday, she works in Lush so she knows exactly what I need and would like.
Big is a shampoo, I use this usually only for the roots of my hair, then put my normal shampoo and conditioner on afterwards as I don't think it could be used as just a shampoo.  
Big is a Sea Salt shampoo. As I would only use this on my roots I became cautious as it didn't sound nice to rub into my scalp.

However it surprised me as it is so nice and relaxing to use, it doesn't hurt and all and the salt makes it nicer to use on my hair. The product itself is quite rich in texture and contains many different oils, so this also put me on edge as I thought it would be hard to use as a shampoo and I didn't want my hair getting greasy.
Again it surprised me in the best way, it lathers up really nicely just like normal shampoo but with less bubbles so its easier to to control and apply which was a big bonus to me.
My hair is also never greasy after using this product, it makes my hair so soft and so easy to brush through and it creates a really nice volume to my hair. 

I love this product because it gives me the slight volume I need and makes my hair smell really nice. I have also found that I can leave my hair longer without washing it and for it to still have the smoothness and shine to it.
The product is a bit pricey at £11.25 but it does seem like it will last a while. For me to want to buy this product in the future might be quite hard as I am a poor uni student, but it is definitely something I will want to buy again and again if I can.
My overall rating is 8.5/10
I love this product but it might not be for everyone such as people with thick hair or really curly hair, however I still think that it can be used by everyone but it different ways.
While I am home I didn't have space to pack this with me, I can already tell the difference in my hair as it is more dry and doesn't have that bounce Big creates, so I cant wait to get back to use it again.  

Have you used Big? What do you think of it? Let me know.
Thanks For Reading
Louisa xx

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