Thursday, 31 January 2013

OOTD: Uni Day

Hi, I did say I was going to do a review next but I just haven't got round to it yet. I don't have Uni tomorrow so I should hopefully have chance to do one then. But for now here was my OOTD.
At the moment I don't have a camera, I was going to ask my friend to take pictures at uni but we were so busy I just didn't have chance so for now it it is crappy pictures from my phone and mirror angle!
Because I have just got back from Uni a lot of my make up has faded and my hair has become messed up by the wind so no face showing either. Next time I do an OOTD, I will be more prepared! I was in a rush this morning so this I what I thrown together and I loved it!

 So today I  just wore a plain black vest from Primark, and black leggings from M&S, these leggings are amazing, still cheap around £7-8, there also thick so they cant be seen through. They have a band at the top so it helps tuck you in more, which I LOVE!
I wore a Pink and Silver scarf that I got from Primark years ago so it cant of been expensive and I still loving wearing it even if the sparkle has faded slightly.
I wore this gorgeous Kimono from Miss Selfridge.
It was around £36, however I got 10% student discount off :)
It is made of a very thin black sheer material, but it is covered with velvet blue, purple and pinkish flowers so this make it more thick. I love this and it is my favourite buy of 2013!

My Right Hand: Big White Ring that I got years ago                             My Left Hand: My NY London 
so I cant even remember where it is from. My ring on                         Rose Gold Watch. MY purple England
my middle finger is Gold with Pink "Diamonds" going all                  Bracelet was something I won on a 2p
way around it. I got that from a set of 10 rings for £4 from                Machine! (and I got profit as well)!
Primark. The Two Jesus/Rock Bracelets were from the                     The small pink bracelet was originally
Covent Garden Market in London For £2.50 each. My                      my friends but was given to me because
wooden beaded bracelet was originally my friends but                       it matched my pink outfit one day and
was given to me through blackmail ;) I also have my                           never wanted it back! And the last is a
freshers wristband on!                                                                                  Purple bracelet which I also think is 

My Left hand rings, Thumb, forefinger and middle finger came in the pack of 10 rings for £4. The ring on my middle finger is a pink love heart with my initial. I got this from Miss Selfridge for £3.50 including my 20% student discount.
I wore my lovely cross necklace that I got of Ebay for an inexpensive amount. I love this necklace, it seems more unique then a lot of them around lately.
I wore my Primark Studded boots that were £20. I love these and have lasted me a long time! hopefully more Primark shoes can last as long as these can!
Sorry for the bad quality pictures. :(
No nail polish today either, I recently bought a new nail polish so I should hopefully get to review it soon.
Did you like my thrown together look I wore to uni today? What would throw on if you were in a rush? Let Me Know :)
Thanks for reading
Louisa xx


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