Saturday, 19 January 2013

Essentials: A Cosy Night In.

Hi, so with all this snow we have been getting I have been having some cosy nights in, so I thought I would share with you on what I need for a cosy night in during the winter.
Now most people would enjoy time in the living room with a blanket and the fire on, however being a uni student and living in student halls it is a bit difficult and I find being in bed with my duvet much more comforting. In the picture above are my essentials.
Hot Water Bottle! because they are just amazing in general.
The elephant in the picture was a Christmas present of my best friend, her name is Ellie (original right?) and she can be heated up. I usually put her in the microwave for around 3 minutes for the perfect heat, and a plus is that she smells of Lavender. Now if your like me and don't like a too strong of  smell then I have found that the 3 minutes in the microwave is also the perfect time for the lavender smell as well. She can be seen in Sainsburys for around £5.
Hot Chocolate! who doesn't love a mug of hot chocolate? Now i like mine without the whole cream and marshmallows but if you do, knock yourself out. I have recently been loving the options Belgium Chocolate. Whats your favourite tyoe of hot chocolate?
 Junk Food! while its still January and still have the Christmas weight I feel like I can still knock myself out with crisps, sweets and chocolate. (naughty) If you have already started your new year diet unlike me then there are plenty of healthy snacks I'm sure you can find to cover your needs, and remember you can always treat yourself.
Disney DVDs! I am a sucker for Disney films and I have a wide range to watch. I don't care what, as long as its Disney I'm there! It doesn't matter what you watch, catching up on TV, or any film you want really, but watching my childhood favourites just makes the night even more comfortable and enjoyable!
Onesie! This is one of the onesie's I own and it was a Christmas present of my Mum. It's a new look onesie and the price was £22.99. A bit pricey but it is definitely my favourite onesie I own. The no feet, the pockets and hood make this onesie so much more comfortable and easier to wear. It is also very cute! It keeps you warm and when your cuddled up in bed it is so comfortable and it definitely adds to my definite essentials to be comfy and cosy for a night in!

So do you have these for your essentials? What do you like for a night in during this cold winter? Let me know :)
Louisa xx
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