Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Haul: Time to Organize

Hi again, so yes to hauls in a row but this haul is slightly different. No fashion or beauty involved :(
kind of  ?
I went shopping today and I have found some really cute things make my room more organised and tidy.
I'm also so proud for keeping a theme going with everything I bought and I cant wait to put them up and have everything in order.
I have two bedrooms, one at home and one at uni, I am staying in student halls this year so my room isn't very big at all so I hope these help make it look more spacious. Also I'm counting on these on helping me every time I have to move and make me feel more at home in a new place. Guess I should start to show what I bought!

So in my town there some fun and cute little shops that sell quirky stuff and we went into one today called Set by Design and I saw this. It is exactly what I wanted for my jewellery. I have so much jewellery that this has the right amount of hooks on it to hold most things, I think it is so cute and I love it. It's better that it can stand up as well because I'm not allowed to create holes in the wall if for example I wanted hanging hooks.
At the top of the stand the bar has broken. However this made the price go from £12 to £7. It does not matter to me about this flaw as will be easy for me to cover up and potentially fix it. For £7 it was a bargain as we saw plain ones slightly more expensive and not worth it.
This also set my theme of with the colour White, Love Hearts, and Birds.
This next item I got was from the same shop. Even though it is not white it is a very light grey and it is woven into hearts. I love this and I was thinking of using this to keep hair stuff such as straighteners, curlers, hair brush and anything else that I come across.
It was only £3 and I couldn't resist because it will become so handy and will definitely keep more things organised. Also, £3? Who wouldn't say no? 
The most trouble I seem to get is when my make-up is all over my desk making it look messy and cluttered which makes me lose stuff so often. I wanted something cute and a good size to just hold all of my make-up. I found this White metal love heart shaped basket in the home section at Next for £6. It is perfect for what I want it for and at such a good price. I cant wait to start using this.
I also got this cute candle holder from Next as well. I wont use this as a candle holder and more something for my jewellery such as rings or earrings. I haven't decided yet.
This stood out to me as it matches my theme perfectly and I'm positive it will come in useful.
This little gem was £3.

This is a gorgeous pencil holder and magazine file set from Paperchase. The pencil holder wont be used for pens or pencils as I already have one but I will use this for make up brushes so they will be neat and tidy and still wont get lost in my new basket. It is a white metal with a flower and birds cut out. My make up brush holder was £5.
The magazine or folder file wasn't something I was planning on buying but it will come in handy so much as I have random paper, notebooks, files and stuff that I have tried to set in the corner of my desk but still becomes cluttered. I'm hoping this will help keep them in order and out the way and make my life slightly easier. The file holder was £15. It was a bit more then I wanted to pay but I think it will be worth it.

In Next I also saw a gorgeous white lamp with birds on it for only £18. I didn't buy it but it is definitely on my mind as it will work well and make the room seem more homely.
So today was a success on getting my new things to help me out with jewellery and make up etc.
I also found out today that I should hopefully be going home a week on Friday for a full week. so I'm really happy. I love university but I do miss my Mummy and Daddy and maybe someone special ;) 
I have also been nominated for the Liebster awards so that post should come up next then some reviews should be coming very soon :) If you know anyone you would like me to nominate for the award let me know so I check out yours and their blog :)
Do you have stuff like these to keep your room organised? If not, what do you use? Let me know?
Thanks for reading :)
Louisa xx

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  1. You got some lovely stuff! I have been looking for some nice white brush holders for my dressing table so i will have to check those out from paperchase :)
    Anna x