Sunday, 20 January 2013

What time is it?

Hi again, so i thought i would share with you the watches i own as i recently just bought myself a new one.

Ice Watch: Hot pink
This watch is the Ice watch in Hot pink. I got this Last year for my 18th birthday. I love this watch because it is so cute and the colour can make any outfit pop and stand out. I have had this watch just over a year now and as much as i still love it i decided to buy myself a new one.

Now i am a big fan of the micheal Kors rose gold watch, and being a uni student means it is impossible to afford one.
I found this gorgeous rose gold watch on ebay for £16.99
Now yes it is a fake watch however it is very unnoticeable for anybody to notice unless i told them. (i guess you now know :/) i did have to go get 5 links taken off as i have unusual small hands which cost me another £9.99 but it was worth it for it being able to fit.
I am now happy i have two different types of wathes i can have for different outfits. One to make an outfit pop and another to give a classy yet modern look.
what is your favourite type of watch to wear? let me know
Louisa xx

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