Friday, 18 January 2013

Review: Lush Glamorous Lipstick

One of my best friends works at Lush and has recently got me into a lot of their amazing products. She got me this lipstick for my birthday last week and after only using it a couple of times I have to say I am in love with it.
With Lush being animal friendly and Vegan is a huge plus for me as I am a vegetarian myself and I find it an important issue within beauty products.
This product is a lipstick but also can be used a cheek stain as well. The colours come in a wide range and many of them can be used as eye shadows. I love this bubblegum pink colour in particular and it gives your lips a very cute glow, especially in this winter. The lipstick itself can stay on for at least a couple of hours because it can stain your lips, however not to the point where it cant come off, as it will come off very easily. I love this as I usually hate having to constantly redo my lipstick or gloss and with this I know I can leave it for a couple of hours without worrying if it has smudged or came off. This colour is called Glamorous, every colour has a different name such as, in charge, healthy, calm and feeling secure, to name a few.
My only issue is the brush. It could just be me but I find the brush strange to use for a lipstick type product however it is something I will easily get the hang of.
The product can seem expensive at £14.50 but it is defiantly worth while and I can already tell it will last you quite some time. Luckily my best friend got me it for my birthday and because she works there she gets 50% off so I can use her discount sometimes. ;) even still this lipstick is becoming my favourite one. If you don't want to spend that money on something you might not like go in the store and have a look. Try it out. Lush are very good of giving samples and testers to nearly everything they sell.
My overall rating is 9/10
Have you tried this or other colours from Emotional Brilliance in Lush? let me know :)
Louisa xx

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