Thursday, 24 January 2013

Haul: 20% off in New Look

Hi, so today at uni the fire alarm went off so we had to go outside, but instead of going back inside went we could, my class (a group of 9) stayed outside and a snowball fight! It was soo much fun! I was amazing, I got my friend in his "private area." He never got the chance to get me back either so I better watch out, but I was so happy because it was the first chance I got to play with the snow this winter!  Have you played in the snow yet?
Also yesterday was the best! Walking round our mall to go to the apple shop because of broken phones me and my best friend walk past New Look. Balloons everywhere and music blasting and a huge poster saying for one day only 20% off everything for students. Being a student has great advantages!
Its safe to say I picked up some bargains.
My camera isn't the best quality so I do apologise.

So the first thing I picked up was this blazer. I have been looking at it for a while now and I'm so happy that I waited until now because I got 20% off!
The blazer is a gorgeous navy blue and white colour. The texture is nice and it is quite thick to wear. The sleeves are three-quarter but they hang at a very nice length as they are not too short. It has two pockets and has a navy blue leather lining.
I got a size bigger then me because it hung much nicer and feels more comfortable and loose to wear.
I do find that jackets, blazers or coats seem to wear much nicer when a size bigger.
 Original price: £24.99, I paid: £20
I next picked up this crop top. It is a beige colour with a grey pattern. I have seen a lot of crop tops around lately and I have never felt brave or secure enough to get one. This crop top is my first and I love this style much more then others because the neckline is lower, I feel much more comfortable with this neckline that isn't too high but isn't to low. Also, as much as this is a crop top I feel braver wearing this as it cover most of my chest without having to have too much on show. (as you can tell I'm very insecure about my body)
 Original price: £9.99, I paid: £7.99
So I wear a lot of shorts and have quite a variety, and I love high wasted in particular. But everybody needs a good old plain piece in their wardrobe. My current plain high wasted shorts are too big as I bought them off eBay and had to guess the size and I unfortunately couldn't return them. I still wore them but lately I feel more uncomfortable as I feel they make me look bigger then I actually am. I saw these yesterday and I loved them. They have a vintage look to them and I thought they would go well with my new crop top and this time I bought the right size.  
Original price: £19.99, I paid: £15.99
 I got this gorgeous faux leather bag in a dirty beige colour brown. I loved this a soon as I saw it. It is very spacious and will fit a lot of things inside, it also has two straps, one smaller handbag type one and a long adjustable strap. I'm usually very picky about straps on a bag and both of these are are and can become the right size for me and I'm so happy there is two choices I could have.
On both sides of the bag is a suede studded panel with a zip liner. I love this because it gives the bag a little edge to it.
Original price: £19.99, I paid: £15.99  
(sorry for the bad picture)
The last thing i got from New Look was this scarf. It is a thin scarf that could be used as a belt or a hair band. Or even a bag accessory like I have done. It a gorgeous blue colour with little pink and grey flowers on it. I think it is so cute and I will use for my bags like this or use it as a hairband.  
Original Price: £2.99, I Paid £2.39
So overall the full price without discount = £77.95
With the discount added the total was = £62.36
Which means i saved £15.59!!!
I love being a student!

And the best part was that I had a £30 gift voucher for New Look as a gift from Christmas. Which meant I only paid £32.36 of my own money.
So one more thing, the sale in Topshop found me! I don't usually go in Topshop because its too expensive but the sale drove me in. And I found this!!

A gorgeous jumpsuit!
 It is detailed with black lace with champagne coloured flowers. It is thicker then expected and it is just so cute on. The straps are adjustable which is a bonus and I'm just in LOVE!!
Sale price was £15 but Topshop being awsome as they are still giving me my student 10% discount on sale items it was £13.50
And again making me love life even more I have a Topshop gift card that I was given for my birthday. So I didn't technically pay for it at all! :)
I'm a very happy bunny right now! <3
Is the any amazing sale items or bargains you got recently? Whats your favourite item I got? 
Let me know :) Thanks for reading!
Louisa xx
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