Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nails: Icy blue nails

Hi, So I love painting my nails and experimenting with different art and styles. So expect more nails posts in the future :)
I always paint my nails in bed before i go to sleep becuase i then get the best results when i wake up in the morning with no smudges and they are fully dry. :)
Last night because of all the snow and ice about this winter I decided to paint my nails in within theme. 

I painted them and icy blue with a stand out nail being a silver glitter polish!
The blue nail polish is Barbara Day in colour Ocean Ripple. I got this polish in Tesco many years ago for an inexpensive price. I'm hoping this is still around because I am running out. I love this colour because its not too bright or too bland. The polish itself is very good and I have found that it is one of my only polishes that will stay on for a good period of time without chipping as easily.
My glitter nail polish was from a huge nail set I got for my birthday a year ago so I have no name or anything for it unfortunately. I do love this polish as I feel I can use it to make any colour have some sparkle to it or paint a nail only having two or three coats to have a sparkly glittery nail. This one is a gel like polish so it isn't my favourite to use but it stays on very well and it can be quite easy to apply. that is why I chose this particular polish to use this time.
Unfortunately I lost some of my base coat and top coats from moving to uni then having a new room built at home. I am having to manage without either of these for now which doesn't help my nails as they are already quite dry and rough.
Do you have any Base and Top coats you could recommend? Any nail treatment that works out there? Let me know! :) Thanks for reading!
Louisa xx
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