Sunday, 10 February 2013

Urban Outfitters Wishlist: Dresses

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This is my first wishlist I have made so I thought I would start with something simple.
I love wearing dresses so I thought I would wish for the dresses I want. 
I also don't have a Urban Outfitters in either my home town or where I go to Uni so if I want something from there I have to go through the website which can be annoying sometimes. I am also a poor uni student so it is impossible to afford most things which sucks!

1- Staring At Stars Babydoll Elephant Dress, £35.00 (was £52.00)
This one pains my heart as I did actually buy this dress as soon as it went on sale, I even added a voucher code so I would get it for £30. But unfortunately I had to send it back. When it arrived I was so excited, but the dress didn't look like the picture at all. The front of the dress looked like a different piece of material then the back of the dress which looked so silly and I was very disappointed. 
I know that Urban Outfitters like to make things unique but I felt cheated of the dress I thought I was buying. The dress I ordered was too small so I could get the larger size if I wanted but I'm too scared I'm going to disappointed again with the pattern. The dress itself and the material was lovely and if it was the dress I thought I ordered I would of been so happy with it. I have seen it about a few times and I can tell that there all different but they are lovely. I don't think I will buy it again unless I knew it was the dress I wanted in the picture.
2- Staring At Stars Border Print Babydoll Dress, £52.00
I am loving this dress, I love how it looks vintage with the pattern it is using but it has a cute modern look with the style of the dress. I think this is less likely to be different to the picture if bought. For £52 it is quite expensive for a dress so I would advise people to watch stuff until they go on sale. They have a lot of dresses in this style but this one is my favourite.
3- Evil Twin Bad Habit Babydoll Dress, £90.00
I am in love with this dress! They also have it in a mixture of blue which is stunning as well but the black just seems more simple and will go with a lot more things. It seems like a casual dress, yet it could be worn on a night out as well, which always makes me want it more! For £90 it is far to expensive and even if it goes on sale it would still be too much. This dress is something I will be admiring from afar and being depressed that I wont be able to get it. :(
4-Evil Twin Printed Species Long-Sleeved Dress, £50.00 (was £80.00)
Loving this dress and how casual it seems to wear. It has pockets which I love because I'm always wanting to put my phone into a pocket and not many dresses have pockets so it becomes difficult sometimes. I love the mix of the champagne and the black colours that it uses, I would love to own this one day! It was £80 but is in the sale for £50. Still too expensive for me but one day hopefully :)

Wow didn't realise making wishlists would be so depressing!

Which is your favourite dress? Let me know.
Do you have any Urban Outfitters wishlists on your blog. Let me know I would to check them out!
Thanks For Reading!!
Louisa xx 


  1. i love all of these dresses they are all so perfect! x

    1. i know there amazing! if only i wasnt poor! :( xx