Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Kate Moss Purple Lipstick

Hi, again. So I recently bought myself my first Kate Moss Lipstick in the Rimmel London brand. I love wearing lipstick and prefer wearing it over lip gloss sometimes. I decided to be daring and get a purple shade. This shade is number 04. The purple is a little darker then the picture shown above.
I was a bit skeptical about going for a purple shade but I really wanted to try it out.
It was harder then I thought finding a purple lipstick, however I'm really happy I went with the Kate Moss brand.

I would definitely recommend the Kate Moss Lipsticks! Its so easy and smooth to apply and I cant wait to try out more colours.
I wore it for the first time last night and found that I only had to redo it 2 or 3 times which was so good compared to others I've used where I've found myself constantly reapplying. So the fact I only had to redo it a couple of times made me very happy and also more relaxed as I didn't have to keep worrying about it.
Lipstick on the teeth is not a good look and I am very paranoid about this. I do have little tricks so I don't get it on my teeth but some lipsticks cant seem to understand there meant for the lips not teeth. This lipstick was great. Not once did I ever feel conscious or feel like it would be on my teeth, and it never was :D
For the Colour...IN LOVE!! The purple is such a nice shade and really does something dynamic for the look you want to create. Here's what it looks like...
I love the colour and I will be using this lipstick a lot! My friend kept saying I looked like a witch from bewitched, but a sexy witch apparently :/
I love this lipstick and for £5.49 it almost seems like a bargain. (TIP: If your a student with a NUS card you can get 10% student discount at superdrug.)
My Overall Rating: 9.5/10
I cant wait to try out more colours of this brand. Have you got any Kate Moss Lipsticks, what colour is your favourite? Let me know :)
Thanks for Reading!
Louisa xx


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